Universal Floor/Ceiling



                        18RULX                                    24RULX

 Large Ceiling




Floor Mounted (-5°F Heating)

Halcyon™ Hybrid Flex Inverter

              9RLFF                                      12RLFF                                    15RLFF

Floor Mounted (-15°F Heating)


 Halcyon™ Extra Low Temperature Heating


             9RLFFH                                     12RLFFH                                 15RLFFH

Compact Cassette


                 09LUAS1                                      12LUAS1                                  18LUAS1

Fujitsu Wall Mounted
Fujitsu Multi Zone (2 to 5 Zones)
Fujitsu Multi Positioning Air Handler Units

Fujitsu Ductless

ductless-split-heat-pump-tabDuctless split is ideal for renovation, space heating and cooling requirements.

Geothermal Heat Pump

geothermal-tabGeothermal water furnace heating and cooling systems can be 'forced air heating and cooling' or 'in-floor' or even a combination of both.

YORK HP Ducted System

lennux-tabYork ducted heating / air conditioning systems are a perfect choice to supplement your forced air, oil-fired furnace.

"Very positive experience, can't wait till this winter to see how the system works."
Clayton Carter
Middle Sackville
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